Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Half Term Boredom

With half term upon us- the dreaded word- Boredom! However, determined not to fill my children's schedules up with holiday clubs, camps etc, I heard the word bored today. Despite the two children that my daughter had over to play and the endless hours on the trampoline (I call this our extension because the kids spend so much time on it), cookie baking, trips to the library...the word finally came today.  This is only on day 4 of half term and there are three more to go.  When the girls came in and said that they were bored, I decided to try a few Crames with them.  Out to the trampoline I went, with three pencils, three pieces of paper, and three Crames written on one.  The first, was a Give me 5 challenge.  The girls had to challenge each other to write the shortest sentence possible with 5 words that didn't go together at all.  The second challenge was to Invent a secret handshake to show friendship.  The third Crame was also from Invent- something for a book that has never been invented.  It took me less than 5 minutes to prepare and kept the girls busy for ages! They loved the challenge and I found myself really interested in their answers.  It was a great way for me to interact and keep my daughter and her friends from saying that dreaded word! If any of you have time to try these, please let me know how they go! It was a success today- bring on tomorrow!

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