Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Pumpkin Needs A Tail

It's still half term and so I find that I am blogging about my children instead of students! Today, we have had loads of children around for pumpkin carving.  My husband usually takes this job as he has an eye for detail, is quite a good artist, and likes things to look as they 'should'. He has all of the children drawing exactly what they want before making a cut.  They will use the precision kit for a nice finish. They all look like a carved pumpkin in a picture would look. Except one.  When all of our guests and children are finished, my husband proudly lines them up and admires their work. (under his supervision)  Once all of the children are back on the trampoline (again), my husband says to me in an exasperated tone- "All of these look wonderful except Claudia's which has been cut to bits.  She says that it needed a tail." I picked up her pumpkin and burst into laughter.  On the front, a nice pumpkin face and at the back, a large zig zag hole. Even if it was an accident this is a great example of flexible thinking! The first thing that I felt was proud! She is always the one that is in the most trouble but always gives us the most giggles and is always looking for a way to be a nonconformist.  I said to my husband that I thought the pumpkin was wonderful and at least it would give off lots of light- we agreed that we shouldn't always expect the normal and to celebrate her creativity.  Happy Halloween!

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