Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Battle of Tastings

Most of the time, I begin my lessons with a Crames Game (to be published September 2012) on the board and on my Creative Wall while working on another project.  Today, I used one of the Crames from Stance, Balance and Perception. This is looking at something from a different point of view.  "Would you rather be a piece of spaghetti or an earthworm?' As usual, my Wall was full, and the children have something to think about this week. However, the most fun we had this week came from the project that the pupils are working on. We have been doing Sweet Shoppe from Brilliant Activities (2003) for weeks. This is an activity where the pupils come up with a theme and design for their own sweet store. There are no limits to what they can do, and we even take the project from theme, to menu, invention of original sweets, making mock-ups, designing the shop and finding our target market. In the lesson we were talking about themes today when one of the pupils announced the theme: HISTORY.  We had so much fun trying to come up with names for her sweets that would combine history with tasty treats.  Some of our ideas were: Henry the Cake, or Henry the Flake, Anne Bo-chocolate-Sin, Cleofatra and The Battle of Tastings.  All of the pupils started trying to think up names for the history themed creation. Can you think of any that I can share with my pupils? Any ideas would be great! In the meantime...we will keep thinking and brainstorming too!

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  1. We came up with a few more this week! The idea is to combine History and Sweets.