Thursday, 10 November 2011

Caterpillars in Handbags

Today, I started my lesson with a Crames Game that I let the pupils work on throughout the lesson.  I have a creative wall outside my classroom and let the pupils use the white board for their answers.  They love writing in anything other than their own books or paper and it's a great way to share all the responses when everyone can see them.  I leave the Crames Games on the Creative Wall all week, so that when pupils are passing, they can continue to express their ideas.  I have attached images of the wall and the white board. As you can see, this particular Crame sparked loads of interest! I asked the pupils to do one of the Give me 5 games from my new book.  The aim is to try and come up with as short of sentence possible with words that don't go together at all. Today, the words were, Serious, Petrol, Caterpillar, Handbag and Doctor.  I couldn't get them to stop coming up with ideas to do anything else (which is a good thing!)   The board was full, the Creative Wall was filling up, so I had to keep adding blank sheets for more responses!  Pupils that were not even in my classroom were lining up to write down their responses.  Here are some of my favourites...
  • The doctor had a serious patient who had swallowed a caterpillar covered in petrol inside a handbag.  
  • On the way to the doctor, Ellie seriously ran out of petrol but found a cute caterpillar which she placed in her handbag. 
  • The Serious Doctor stopped for petrol and found a caterpillar so he put it in his wife's handbag.
I love for a lesson to take a new turn, so with this third example, I decided to turn the answer into a Flow (Crames) question.  I asked the pupils WHY do you think that the SERIOUS doctor put a caterpillar in his wife's handbag?? As you can imagine there was a plethora of hilarious responses but one that was really lovely was  "The doctor diagnosed himself as too serious and the only cure was to do something crazy, like put a caterpillar in his wife's handbag!  
Overall- a great lesson and I hope to return next week to find my Creative Wall overflowing! 

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